Entry #1

Small Text-Game About Ecology [py]

2013-11-07 16:12:05 by TetratonMusic

This is a small game-thing, text-based, that I wrote in a few days for fun, and for myself, as a learning experience.

Basically, you have god-like abilites, however, they are very limited. Your goal is to construct an ecosystem with equilibrium. A readme is included, I'd suggest reading it!

[Click here to download]

The source is also included! In case you're interested in the code, or in case you don't trust me... Either way, enjoy! It was fun and interesting to make!


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2013-11-08 06:52:40

Make it swf and post it on NG.

TetratonMusic responds:

Unfortunately, not really sure I can do that. And, if it's possible, I have no clue how. It was written in Python then compiled to an executable, not sure if it can be ported... Let me know if you know otherwise though, I'd certainly be interested!