[Ramses] An experiment, in Python!

2013-12-12 22:49:00 by TetratonMusic

Okay, so lastnight I was sitting around, when it came to me that, to test and improve my programming skills, I'd try to actually create a programming language! I started super basic, of course, so at the moment its not extremely impressive, but I still thought it'd be neat to share... If anyone's interested, there's a zip folder with an executable and dependencies, as well as the source code, a readme, and a few example files. The language itself is very different from a standard programming language, and is very inefficient, but I think it's cool, and I'm fairly proud that I was able to make this in just a few hours. 

Hint, if you just run either the executable or the source, you get a console to use. However, if you drag an ".rms" file onto either one, it will automatically run that whole script!

Too long, didn't read:   The link below has a zip folder with a homemade programming language in it. Play around with it or whatever.

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?ad21jt9ud2u11o1


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2013-12-13 09:22:53

That sounds cool, man. I am a real beginner at programming: I'm learning C++ at the moment, since it is going to be the standard language used for the later terms of my course (Games Technology). So yeah, I'm sat here with a book about games programming and Visual Studio on my screen (well...sometimes, haha.)

Anyway I'll check this out in a little while, and take care!

TetratonMusic responds:

Haha, thanks! Yeah, it's fairly useless and ineffecient at the moment hahaha, but I thought it'd be a good way to learn more about handling strings, and logic too! Thanks for stoppin' by, good luck on your coding!