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I'm very excited to finally have submitted a game to Newgrounds! I've been developing games, under the table, for a few years now, and am happy to have released one onto this site. It's called "JCT", which is short for "junction", and it's a relatively challenging, minimalistic game that was actually originally designed for the Android platform, which is what I usually develop for. However, after some small tweaks, I've uploaded it here, and it's ready to be played!

I'd much appreciate it if you'd check it out, and leave a comment / review, or even just rate it! 

Here's the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/645314?updated=1

After a lot of work and continually doubting myself, Bazaar is about as finished as it'll ever be...

I hope ya'll enjoy it! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/584808

New Track!

2014-08-11 19:45:17 by TetratonMusic

Just posted a preview for a new track, over on SoundCloud... Check it out!


P.S. Going under a different name now (Gary Goat)... I'll still be active on here as TetratonMusic, but all the music I make from now on is going to be under the name "Gary Goat".


I've started up SpiceCraft again! Our last attempt wasn't as successful as we'd had hoped, but no worries! We're back! Packed with fun stuff to do (kind of) and our admins (me) are extremely lenient and pretty much all around awesome. So, join us today!




P.S. We're cracked, too!

I've revised and much improved my Python mini-text-game, it now is much cleaner coded and organized, has support for easy expansion, and has improved algorithms and junk! So yeah, it's cool. I completely re-wrote it, all ~400 lines of code... It was fun, at times. Well, here's the link! It's completely open-source, so feel free to play around with it all you want. Or, don't change anything and just use it as-is, whatever works!

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?ep5p1c9t5qeleho

[Ramses] An experiment, in Python!

2013-12-12 22:49:00 by TetratonMusic

Okay, so lastnight I was sitting around, when it came to me that, to test and improve my programming skills, I'd try to actually create a programming language! I started super basic, of course, so at the moment its not extremely impressive, but I still thought it'd be neat to share... If anyone's interested, there's a zip folder with an executable and dependencies, as well as the source code, a readme, and a few example files. The language itself is very different from a standard programming language, and is very inefficient, but I think it's cool, and I'm fairly proud that I was able to make this in just a few hours. 

Hint, if you just run either the executable or the source, you get a console to use. However, if you drag an ".rms" file onto either one, it will automatically run that whole script!

Too long, didn't read:   The link below has a zip folder with a homemade programming language in it. Play around with it or whatever.

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?ad21jt9ud2u11o1

[SpiceCraft] New Minecraft Server, hosted by Your's Truly...

2013-12-11 22:37:46 by TetratonMusic


I've recently opened a Minecraft server, SpiceCraft! I've owned servers in the past, and I've decided to do it again! 

Stop by, we're looking for new players to join us! We're "cracked" too, so feel free to join us, even if you "found" the game somewhere on the internet...

Website: https://www.tinyurl.com/allthatspice

Our website, while incomplete, has the necesary information to get started... Thanks! 

This is a small game-thing, text-based, that I wrote in a few days for fun, and for myself, as a learning experience.

Basically, you have god-like abilites, however, they are very limited. Your goal is to construct an ecosystem with equilibrium. A readme is included, I'd suggest reading it!

[Click here to download]

The source is also included! In case you're interested in the code, or in case you don't trust me... Either way, enjoy! It was fun and interesting to make!